Manuals & Assembly instructions

Each product or system needs a manual. We produce text and illustrations to manuals for everything from simple consumer market products to service instructions for large spreaders for cranes in container ports. Several customers already have manuals for their products, but want to customize or localize them to certain markets or complete with understandable quick guides.

Technical Illustration

Everything from small icons and spare part images to overview illustrations over large facilities such as purification plants, etc. Illustrations for presentations, trade shows, technical articles, datasheets or websites.

Resource consultant

We can work on site at the customer at peak times or when the customer lacks a separate technical information department, or need to build up one. We can assist with the needs analysis and evaluation of the appropriate xml-system.


Illustrerad Teknik produces technical information in the form of user guides, assembly instructions, manuals, service manuals, data sheets and brochures. We also offer technical illustrations for advertisements, presentations (PPT), exhibition diagrams, information boards, brochures, newspapers and books.

And we can also:

  • Participate as technical information officers in development projects working on new products or systems..
  • Act as consultant technical information officers for companies which are too small to have dedicated staff for technical information purposes, or which need some temporary additional manpower in their technical information departments.
  • Produce news graphics to order for the specialist press and daily press (particularly for technically complex items).
  • Supply technical illustrations for sales purposes to advertising agencies, etc.

Turn the opaquely written into the clearly illustrated!